This extra-large classic VW Beetle is 40 per cent bigger than stock – from

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This extra-large classic VW Beetle is 40 per cent bigger than stock – now that is a Super Beetle!

Jumbo-sized Volkswagen sits on Ram chassis, uses 5.7L Hemi V8 for power

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This is one bug you’re not going to get away with swatting. The Barcroft Cars YouTube channel features interesting rides from around the world on a special series it calls “Ridiculous Rides”, and this time it’s profiling one we think you’ll agree is ridiculous.

Wicked Concepts of Gardena, California built this insane creation, a mega-sized Volkswagen Beetle that’s 40 per cent bigger than a stock bug.

“It’s bigger than a Hummer,” says Scott Tupper, son of Richard Tupper and co-owner of the custom shop.

“My dad and I just thought it would be nice if we had a Volkswagen that was comfortable, and not feel like you’re going to get run over in traffic,” he explains.

Initially the duo wanted the vehicle to be 50 per cent larger than stock, but a car that size proved too unwieldy on the streets. To achieve the size they wanted, they used a chassis from a Dodge Ram, and borrowed its 5.7-litre Hemi engine as well.

The unexpected side effect of building a Bug on a truck chassis is the Beetle now has more amenities than a regular air-cooled VW would, such as heat, air conditioning, power windows, power door locks, and even heated and cooled seats.

Even though it’s been thoroughly upgraded and custom-built, all the elements that make it not-a-bug have been cleverly hidden behind the dash.

Despite its imposing presence on the road, the Beetle still manages to retain its charm, with people doing anything they can to get a picture of it on the freeway.

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