Keep your family Safe with In-Vehicle Technology and more

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Keep Your Family Safe with In-Vehicle Technology and More

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Every new parent understands how difficult it can be to find the right vehicle for their family, but combing through reviews of safety ratings is only the beginning of securing a safe vehicle. No matter how well a vehicle does in a crash test, parents must practice responsible maintenance and good driving habits to truly protect their family every time they drive. Here are the basic steps you can take as a new parent to securely get your family wherever you need to go.

Protect Your Investment

Spend as much time selecting an auto insurance provider and plan as you did finding the perfect exterior color. General upkeep keeps damage due to negligence at bay, but you also need to protect your family and vehicle from other drivers.

Since you could already spend between $6,300 and $10,000 each year on your vehicle, according to AAA, call around and find the best price you can for its coverage. Ask about multi-car discounts if you’re a two- or three-car family.

To be eligible for this discount with select carriers, every vehicle must be housed at the same address, they must be private passenger vehicles, and each one of the covered autos must have at least liability coverage. If you fit the criteria, you could be in for some savings. Put those saved dollars toward a new phone that’s compatible with your vehicle’s hands-free technology.

Drive Safer with Hands-Free Features

New cars come with options for connectivity and safety these days, but you don’t have to get the most expensive package to take advantage of things like Bluetooth. Use the features you have available between your smartphone and car to simplify your drive and reduce distractions.

For example, plug a destination into the mapping app for turn-by-turn navigation, and download other apps that can help in the event of an emergency, such as a roadside assistance app. Reduce the dangerous time you and your family spend on the side of the road after a breakdown with help right at your fingertips.

You’ll want a phone as up-to-date as possible to ensure connectivity with the vehicle is smooth. Look into the Samsung Galaxy 10 line of phones or other Android Auto compatible phones, like the OnePlus 7 Pro. Android Auto is a bridge between phone and car that locks your phone screen when connected to the vehicle, decreasing distracted driving.

The same is accomplished with Apple’s CarPlay, so you can still experience an enhanced driving experience as an iPhone owner. Simply switch on the Do Not Disturb While Driving setting to really rid yourself of distractions. As the technology in vehicles and smartphones progresses, more and more safety solutions are developed.

Don’t Forget About Routine Maintenance

Stay vigilant by performing some of your vehicle’s routine maintenance yourself. Today’s vehicles are complex machines that require a lot of know-how and tools to repair; however, maintenance on most of them can be completed by the vehicle’s owner. See if you can tackle some of the basics and save a few bucks while you’re at it.

Make it a habit of yours to regularly check the front and back lights of your vehicle for non-functioning bulbs. While you walk around the vehicle, make sure the tire treads are deep enough and that the tire shows no sign of dry rot. Doing a simple walk-around of your own vehicle allows you to notice when something is off or needs replacing. In addition, pay attention when the vehicle’s dashboard alerts you about something. Anything from transmission problems to low oil is communicated on the dash, so you should prepare for things you can handle yourself, such as oil changes, wiper blade replacement, and fluid replenishment.

Keep your family out of trouble by completing all of your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance on time while also reacting to any sign of trouble that extends beyond your own ability. It doesn’t take much time to schedule an appointment with your favorite auto shop, and there’s probably an app to schedule service right from your phone. Use all the technology and tools in your power to keep your car and family safe.

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