Friends and Family Rewards Program

Friends & Family Rewards Program
Lauria Volkswagen is pleased to welcome you to our Friends and Family rewards – where membership earns you rewards for successfully referring friends, family, and co-workers to our dealership. A successful referral is one that results in a vehicle sale.There are some rewards guidelines in referring your friends and family:

  1. Your referral must specifically ask for your sales representative and they must tell the sales representative that you sent them before the sales process begins.
  2. Other members of the Friends and Family Rewards Program as well as previous customers cannot be referrals. If someone has bought a vehicle from us before, or if they have received a Referral Reward, they are not eligible to earn your rewards.
  3. In the event that your sales representative is not at the dealership, instruct your referral to inform one of the Sales Managers. They will facilitate the reward for you.

Lauria Volkswagen Friends and Family Rewards has been formed to thank you for sharing your positive experience with others and for recommending Lauria Volkswagen.

Our commitment is to treat your referrals with the same level of respect and dedication that we have given you.

Thank you for joining our Friends and Family rewards Program. We hope that you will engage and enjoy this program. We all deal with so many people in our daily lives, and people love to talk about automobiles. It’s easy to earn extra spending money!

Rewards Chart

1st Referral: $2002nd Referral: $2003rd Referral: $2004th Referral: $200
5th Referral: $250 6th Referral: $2507th Referral: $2508th Referral: $300
9th Referral: $30010th Referral: $300Additional: $500

Friend & Family Rewards Program