Factory Order your new VW

Factory Order your new Volkswagen

Custom Order Your new Volkswagen the Easy Way at Lauria VW

With the global microchip shortage, vehicle inventory is low all over the country.
However, this does create a great opportunity for the car buyer.
Custom designing and pre-ordering your vehicle from the factory expands your choices from what’s on the lot!


Take Advantage of Incredible Pre-Owned Values Available Today!

New vehicle inventory shortages have caused a dramatic spike in pre-owned vehicle values.  While this has its disadvantages, it creates an awesome opportunity for you to cash in on your trade-in value, plus tax savings, and upgrade to a new vehicle via Custom Factory Order.


Are you interested in leasing or near the end of your current lease?

This is the perfect time to talk to Lauria Volkswagen!

If you’re currently leasing, you can time your new vehicle to arrive once your lease expires. If you want to get out of your lease early, our Authorized Hassle-Free Lease Return Centre can accommodate you every step of the way and ensure that you understand all your lease-end choices.  The high pre-owned vehicle values in the current market make this a very advantageous time to return your leased vehicle to upgrade.


What are the benefits of pre-ordering your Volkswagen?

Don’t settle for the trim, colour or options available in limited supply.  Lock in your trade value today and custom order the Hyundai you truly desire.  Is it worth the wait?  That is up to each individual and their situation, but the average car buyer expects to keep their vehicle for 4+ years.  Do you want to drive a car you don’t truly love for that long?


How to Custom Order your vehicle at Lauria Volkswagen

-Visit us in store to build your Volkswagen with a Brand Specialist to help answer to give suggestions and answer any questions you may have, OR you can Build and Price, submit a Trade Appraisal, and Credit Application all Online.  Click here to see for yourself.

-Current incentive rates and programs will be protected at the time you place your order but if there are improved options when it arrives we can adjust it for you!  It is important to note that trade-in values can fluctuate but as long as the vehicle is in the same condition with similar mileage the difference will be very minor.  It may even be worth more if the market rises.  Please ask for details.

-In most cases we can provide Lower or similar loan / lease payments on your new 2022/2023 Hyundai

-After your order is placed our Sales Team will be sure to keep you updated on your Order Status until Delivery Day