Get to know the Lauria Volkswagen Team

10 Questions with Shane Lawson
By: Murray Gentles
Hello Northumberland! 
The Lauria Family has been taking care of all your vehicle needs since way back in 1984, and we have just recently added Lauria Volkswagen to serve the Port Hope, Cobourg and Central Ontario region and we would like to introduce you to the new team here at the VW store!
First on the list is Sales Manager Shane Lawson! 
In the industry for almost 17 years, Shane is married and spends most of his free time chasing after his 2-year old daughter.  He also enjoys staying active playing hockey and is a big F1 racing fan.  Also, if you have a question about "Game of Thrones",  Shane has the answer! 

And now, here are 10 Questions with Shane Lawson:
Q).    If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
A).    I would live in Negril, Jamaica.  Land of sunshine and a beautiful 7-mile beach!
        Editor's note:  Can't argue with that plan:

Q).    What's your favourite Holiday?  What do you like to do?
A).    Christmas!  I love to spend time with family.

Q).    What is your favourite movie?
A).    Tough one.  So many excellent choices, but I will go with "Rocky II".  Against all odds he wins the title!
         Editor's note:    I am a "Rocky 4" man myself, but can't argue this choice either!

Q).    What is your favourite band and song?
A).    Bob Marley and the Wailers.  "Redemption Song:
         Editor's note:    For your listening pleasure:
Q).    What do you enjoy the most about working at Lauria VW?
A).    I enjoy the family atmosphere among the fellow staff.

Q).    What are your hobbies?
A).    Keeping fit chasing my daughter.  She is FAST!!

Q).    If you could go back in time and change one thing what would it be?
A).    I would have bought Apple stock back when they were struggling!
        Editor's note:  That would have been a good idea for a lot of us:

Q).    What celebrity would you most like to go on a date with?
A).    Gal Gadot!  Have you seen "Wonder Woman" yet?!?!?!
        Editor's note:  Another solid decision, and one awesome movie!!!

Q).    If you could have dinner with any 3 people, alive or dead, who would it be?  What would you ask them?
A).    The Rock, Usain Bolt, and Michael Lee Chin.  I would ask for their recipe for success!!

Q).    Who is your hero?
A).    Luke Cage!
There you have it folks!  Shane is a super easy guy to work with and brings a friendly attitude to every conversation!  If you're looking for a new or used Volkswagen Shane and his team here at Lauria Volkswagen will take excellent care of you every step of the way!!

Be sure to look out for our next edition of 10 questions when we interview Allan Dubien, our Shop Foreman!